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Thank you for your interest in C.C. Designs products.

We do not accept online auction/eBay sites.

The first step to obtaining a wholesale account is to create an accounton this site, click here to create an account. You will notice while creating the account there is not a place to add your business name. We are working on updating our system to accept company names.

Please use our contact form to email us that you have created an account.

Once we receive your license we will approve your account, once approved you will be able to log in and see the wholesale prices of our products.


Prices on this site reflect wholesale pricing, to figure out retail prices please see the list price on the product information page. We expect our products to be sold at the set list pricing. We understand that during sales and specials our items will be discounted.



You can order on the website at anytime by logging into your account and purchasing products.


New Releases

We try to send out a wholesale newsletter at least 2 weeks before our release. We ask that all images be held confidential until the release. We release most times the first Thursday of each month at 12:00 pm est.


Minimum orders
There is a $150 opening order minimum and 2 per image minimum, on a restock we do not have a minimum per image or price. We ask that new products be ordered in quanitites of 2.

During chekout you have the option of selecting USPS or "bill me actual rates". We can also charge your order to your UPS or Fedex account. 
There are no discounts for wholesale accounts in terms of shipping

Defective Products and Returns
We guaranty that the stamp set you receive will be whole and without defects. If you find our product to have a defect please contact us immediately and we will replace the defective item.